Coriander Cumin

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Jess' father's favorite!

This blend of nuts and seeds is the one flavor without coconut flakes. We wanted something more savory than sweet, a little heartier mouth feel, and versatile enough to use as a crunchy, plant-based protein for our salads, avocado toast and roasted vegetables. We think of this like our "Everything Bagel" seasoning!

It is very lightly sweetened with a kiss of small-batch Vermont maple syrup, but the overarching flavors are earthy, slightly spicy, and with undertones of citrus from the hand-toasted coriander and cumin seed. Being handcrafted in Austin, Texas, these spices were inspired by our taco addiction, so we were thrilled to discover this blend made the perfect crunchy topping for our homemade tacos! It also works particularly well when broken down in a food processor and then used as rub for roasted meats or a gluten-free crust for chicken tenders. 

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INGREDIENTS (indicates organic*): almonds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds, unhulled sesame seeds*, small batch Vermont maple syrup*coconut oil*, dried egg white powder, water, cumin seed*, coriander seed, whole black peppercorn, pink Himalayan salt. CONTAINS: EGGS, TREE NUTS. 

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